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Term 4 Events

Strive to Succeed: Prizegiving
Term 4 Picnic 2023.mp4
Athletics Day 2023.mp4
Film Festival Presenters 2023.mp4
Welcome Mrs Nelson.mp4
Classroom@KPMG Term 4.mp4
Niuean Language Week Performance 2023.mp4

Term 4 Assemblies

Prefects' Korero: right time right place right attitude.mp4
Prefects' Korero: Do your best at the test.mp4
Prefects' Korero: Talk about It.mp4
Prefects' Korero: Follow the Rules.mp4
Prefects' Korero: Whakamaua to potae.mp4
Prefects' Korero: Start Strong.mp4

Term 3 Events

Tongan Language Week Performance 2023.mp4
Whaea Ngakirkiri's trip to Rome & Croatia.mp4
Wheels Day 2023.mp4
NED Highlights.mp4
Cook Island Language Week Performance 2023.mp4
W1T2 Prefects Korero - Stay Active.mp4

Term 3 Assemblies

W7T2 Prefects Korero - Leave a smart footprint.mp4
W6T2 Prefects Korero - Calm Korero.mp4
W5T2 Prefects Korero - Look after each other.mp4
W4T2 Prefects Korero - It's a tap not a
W3T2 Prefects Korero - Be Grateful.mp4
W1T2 Prefects Korero - Stay Active.mp4

Term 2 Events

Term 2 Highlights 2023.mp4
Classroom@KPMG Term
Team 1 Matariki: Filipo, Alex and
Team 2 Matariki Celebration by Michael, Falen and Kay Soi.mp4
Team 3 Matariki Movie: Chad, Brian and
Team 4 Matariki celebration by Cayden and Pritchard.mp4
Team 5 Matariki Celebration by Catherine and

Term 2 Assemblies

W9T2 Prefects Korero - Kawa of Care.mp4
W8T2 Prefects Korero - Say My Name Say My Name.mp4
W7T2 Prefects Korero - Be n2 the GG + W.mp4
W6T2 Prefects Korero - RESPECT.mp4
W5T2 Prefects Korero - Be an
W4T2 Prefects Korero - Be
W3T2 Prefects Korero - Listen to the
W2T2 Prefects Korero - Kawa of Covid.mp4
W1T2 Prefects Korero - Are you Ready For Learning?.mov

Term 1 Events

Fiafia 2023 All Performances.mp4
Cyclone Gabrielle
Ted Manson Foundation Van
Meet the Teacher
First Fiafia Practice.mp4

Term 1 Assemblies

W4T1 Whakamaua to
W3T1 Be Generous to Those in
W2T1 Right Time, Right Place, Right Attitude.mp4
W1T1 Prefects' Korero: Stay Cool at School.mp4
House Captains & Prefects' Badge