About us

Pt England school is a Maori & Pasifika primary school with 650 students in Tamaki, Auckland, New Zealand. Our motto is "strive to succeed". Meet the Pt England team & check out our Inquiry Blogs by clicking on our photos below:

Russell Burt
Toni Nua
Garth Jacobsen
Kent Somerville
Sally Va'afusuaga
Angela Moala
Kiriwai Tapuke
Andrea Tele'a
Danni Stone
Latini Ilaoa
Sarah Tuiā
Matt Goodwin
Kelsey Parrant
Migi Siō
Hannah West
Pania O'Connell
Chrissy Eadie
Clarelle Carruthers
Sharisse Scanlan
Adina Iordache
Pip Heger
Helen King
Sonali Carter
Jocelyn Tumahai
Hannah Moran
Charlotte Gaston
Helen Squires
Viola Mason
Susan Dwyer
Trish Hockly
Khismira Lal
Sandy Lagitupu
Jackson Vogt
Francis Cassidy
Charlotte Sorenson
Leigh Flavelle
Donna McMillan
Roslyn Takerei
Chris Bush
Jenni Clarke
Irene Wilson
Alison Bevan
Ken Shaw
Gordon Andrews
Support Workers