Class sites

Leading Learning @ Pt England

Our Class Sites are where teachers plan our learning and where students go to find their programme of work each day.

Learning just goes on and on.......

There will always be learning to do for all our students. Look below.

Angela Moala

Kiriwai Tapuke

Andrea Tele'a

Danni Stone

Kelly Tipene

Latini Ilaoa

Sarah Tuiā

Matt Goodwin

Kelsey Parrant

Migi Siō

Hannah West

Deb Shirley

Natasha Findlay

Helen Squires

Susan Dwyer

Trish Hockly

Khismira Lal

Helen King

Adina Iordache

Clarelle Carruthers

Sharisse Scanlan

Jocelyn Tumahai

Sonali Carter

Taulagi Teleso

Heidi Davis

Charlotte Gaston

Sandy Lagitupu

Jackson Vogt

Irene Wilson


Sally Va'afusuaga