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Term 4 Events

Rotoroa Island Visit - Year 5s.mp4
Kiwi Kids Charity: The Great Kiwi Road Trip.mp4
Classroom@KPMG Term 4 2022.mp4
Niuean Language Week Performance 2022.mp4

Term 4 Assembly Korero

Prefects' Korero Be Responsible.mp4
Prefects' Korero W3T4.mp4
Prefects Korero: W1T4 Focus.mp4
Prefects' Korero W2T4 2022: Whakamaua to potae.mp4

Term 3 Events

Netball Highlights
Cross Country 2022
Māori Language Week 2022: Middle School (Y3-6) Kapa Haka
Tongan Language Week Performance 2022.mp4
Wig Day 2022
Give it a Go Ariyana, Oi Oi & Anne Marie
Classroom@KPMG Trip Term 3

Term 3 Assembly Korero

Prefects' Korero: Be Helpful - W9T3
Prefects' Korero: W8T3 Finish Strong
Prefects' Korero W7T3 In the Zone
Right Time, Place and Attitude
Prefects' Korero W4T3: Sensible Games
Prefects' Korero: Is it Kind W3T3
Prefects' Korero: Give it a go
Prefects' Korero W1T3: Kawa of Covid.mp4

Term 2 Events

Disco for Ukraine
Matariki Celebration Highlights 2022
Kapa Haka @ Matariki Assembly
Samoan Language Week Performance 2022
Kindness Disco
Mrs Nua Graduates: Master in Education Practice
Mrs Burt: Member of the NZ Order of Merit
Whale Tales Final Exhibition

Term 2 Assembly Korero

Prefects' Korero W9T2 Finish It Off Properly
Prefects' Korero W8T2: Matariki
Prefects' Korero W7T2
Prefects' Korero W6T2.mp4
Prefects' Korero W5T2
Prefects' Korero W4T2 Drama Free PES .mp4
Super Subs Korero: Is it Kind

Term 1 Events

Term 1 Highlights 2022
Wheels Day 2022
Mielia and Eziaz's movie: Team 4 Fun days.mp4
Whale Tale Painting 3.mp4
Caught being awesome.mp4
Meet the Teacher 2022.mp4
Introducing the School
Day 1

Term 1 Assemblies