We livestream our Rugby Matches & video many of our other games.

This is where you will find the live stream links and the archived videos of our sports this year.

Pt England has so many wonderful teams its hard to keep up with what they're all doing!

This page is to help all our faithful supporters and even our competitors keep up with the action.

For latest news about our wonderful Sport/PE programmes co-ordinated by Sally Va'afusuaga please visit Pt England Sport Updates.

2020 Sports Events

PES Year 7&8 EZ Touch Tournament 03 11 20.mov
NZ Womens Rugby League Trip 07 11 20.mp4
PES Y7&8 Athletics Auckland Champs 26 11 20.mov
PES School Athletics Day 2020.mov
PES Y7 Jammers vs Tiger Moths 22 10 20.mov
PES Boys Rugby 7s @ Waitemata 28 10 20.mp4
PES Y7&8 Girls Cricket Akld Champs 29 10 20.mov
PES Y6 Amazons vs St Heliers 22 10 20.mov
PES Y4-8 Boys Tamaki Cluster Football Tournament 21 10 20.mov
Skateboard Awards - 31 07 20
PES Soccer Y7&8 Boys vs St Kents - 30 07 20
PES Y6 Amazons vs St Michaels Stars - 30 07 20
PES Y5&6 Rugby Boys vs St Kents - 04 08 20
PES@Stars' game
Skateboarding Kiwisport Lesson
PES lunchtime sports in Level 2
Lunchtime sports in Level 2
Week 4 & 5
Blue Bubble keeping active.mov
Sport - Lets get Fit.mp4
PES Y5&6 Rippa Rugby Tournament 16 03 20.mp4
PES Y7&8 Softball Tournament 05 03 20.mov
PES Y5-8 Softball Tournament Tamaki Cluster 26 02 20.mp4
Y5&6 @ Eden Park RWWC Launch 04 02 2020.mp4
Top Schools 2020.mp4




Archived Highlights

Our Champions: AIMS Rugby 7s Boys Team - 2017

Our Champions: AIMS Rugby 7s Boys Team - 2011