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2019 Events

Term 2

Yr 7 Team Building.mp4
40 Hour Famine Team 2019.mp4
Camp 2019.mp4
Batman and Year 2s 2019.mp4
Samoan Language Week item at assembly 2019.mp4
Y6 Ambassadors Families at PES Meeting 08 05 19.mp4
The XChange Robotics Club Trip 2019.mp4
Whanaungatanga Meeting 03 04 19.mp4
Duffy Show.mp4
Team 5 immersion assembly item Term 2 2019.mp4
Team 4: Immersion Term 2 2019 - Where in the world are
Team 3: Term 2 Immersion Assembly.mp4
Team 2: Immersion Assembly T2,
Team 1: Bees.mp4
Team eNablers: Teachers in Space!.mp4
Snr Management Term 2item - Star Wars Robot Term 2 2019.mp4
Term 2 Immersion Assembly Highlights 2019.mp4

Term 1

Top Schools 2019.mp4
South Sci and Eels at PES 2018.mp4
Best team
Garage Sale 2019.mp4
Special Assembly highlights 18 03 19.mp4
Y5&6 Camp Pool Trip 2019.mp4
Starford Toa interview - Newcastle
Polyfest 2019 .mov
Meet the Teacher @PES 19 02 19.mp4
Summer Learning Journey Awards @ PES 2019.mp4
Weetbix Tryathlon Version 2.mp4
Taniela Tele'a Blues footage Inst-video.mp4
Better Together Trailer PES 2019.mp4
Camp 2019

2018 Events

Term 4

We are the Champions Term 3 2018.mp4
Room 8 Year 6 Camp
Well done Prefects korero.mp4
PES Kapa Haka item assembly highlights 2018.mp4
M Film Fest Snr Presenters 2018.mp4
M Film Fest Jnr Presenters 2018.mp4
Play that Funky Music Band highlights.mp4
Families at Pt England Meeting snippets 28 11 18.mp4
Y7&8 Athletics Akld Champs 2018.mp4
Athletics Year 1-3 Sprint finals 2018.mp4
PES Athletics Day 2018.mp4
Cook Island Group Drummers @ PES 14 09 18.mp4
Te Wa Toi immersion highlights 2018.mp4
Palagi Funk Eye of the Tiger item 2018.mp4
PES Cross Country 2018.mp4
Manaia Ki Te Rangi PES Kapa Haka 2018.mp4

Term 3

Maori Language Week item 2018.mp4
Jump Jam with Team 5 2018.mp4
Tongan language week assembly full version 2018.mp4
Jump Jam with Team One 2018.mp4
Jump Jam with Mr Moran 27 07 18.mp4
Warriors curtain raiser - Girls
Term 3 Immersion Assembly Highlights 2018.mp4

Term 2

Cook Island Language Week Highlights 2018.mp4
Matariki Day
Samoan Language Week 2018 highlights.mp4

Term 1

FiaFia Practice Feb 2018.mp4
Weetbix Tryathlon 2018.mp4
SLJ winners.mp4
Meet the Teacher Feb 2018.mp4
Garage Sale 2018.mp4
Y7&8 Tag EZ Champs 16 03 18.mp4